Freaking Weird

My back is hurting so bad, it is because I do not sit properly while I am studying, I got into this habit which is studying on my bed since the middle school, I sit for hours like this, plus I sit for 8 hours on my desk at work, and follow it by 3 hours in class, if only my back could SCREAM!

I have gone to the doctor some years ago and he told me that my spine is a little bit moved, it is nothing serious but the doctor advised me to swim and get my back massaged regularly to have a healthy "back"! However  I could drown in the bath-top,  I don't know a damn thing about swimming, so that's one option gone!.... and getting massaged...! Well that's the weird part,  I am REALLY in need for a back massage, I have ignored my back these years because it was kind of fine, but recently my back has been really hurting for the reasons I mentioned, today my sis went and got a massage, I wished I could go with her but I didn't.... the thing is that I am really really really weird when it comes to stripping in front of stranger............ hmm or actually anyone for that matter!!

I have never went into the change room with my friends, my sis or even my mum, I don't like it, it makes me uncomfortable and awkward  so how about stripping and getting touched by a complete stranger? That will actually add more tension not help me relax!!!

It is weird, I KNOW but I cannot help it, and it is not like am ashamed of my body or anything, I just don't feel comfortable. 

I honestly don't know what to do with my back, it is just that you cannot do anything properly if your back is hurting.

I also want one-day to get full body laser hair removal, now don't ask me how I will do that LOL! But I am not worried about that now, let's get my back problem solved first O.o


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Maybe just start with a fully clothed foot massage and removing the hairs from the top of the toes. :)

I agree! A foot massage might release the stress and get me comfortable to do more! But about the toes thing I don't know :P

I keep forgetting you guys haven't been combing your feet for about 20 000 years.


I wish my back problems would be solved with just a massage.. thatd be wonderful. Take care of your back silly!! Trust me it feels TOO bad not having control over your health.

I am sorry :( Will do, I am silly, you are right! :(

I have that problem with massages too. Warm heating pad, soak in warm water, might help and stretching.
Full body? I know so many that have had all done, but here it's so expensive! It didn't even work 100% for me where I did it, so...don't think i would waste my money. Good luck with back.

Well that's not a bad idea! Thanks for suggesting, Idk how come I didn't think of doing that!
lol I know it is expensive but it is not like I will do it tmr, I just hate to have ANY hair, I hate it growing even a little bit, so it is really nice to have it all removed for ever, idk about hair removal not working properly, there has to be some guarantees if I am gonna pay lots of money, but I am not concerned with that now anyways!

Stretching is really relaxing. Try it! :)