I'm a Little Agoraphobic, ...

I'm a little agoraphobic, have difficulty finding things to talk about, and all the other things that make me an individual.
BeautifulLoser BeautifulLoser
31-35, M
2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I can fully understand your issues. When i was younger i had freinds although i was an outsider.Now i have almost none and when confronted with a social situation I also feel out of place.I recommend using forums like this to find other like minded individuals.There will be some. Fact. But dont become to dependent on it.Dont become like me. There are always people who will share your views and interests somewhere.maybe use chat/forums to find people with your interest in your area and meet them. Dont shut yourself in. it can lead to major issues trust me.

I have not come across anyone else suffering with this,it mustbe horrible for you.