Sleep Laughing, Anyone?

I'm a sleep walker...and talker. Sometimes I wake up with different clothes on, sometimes I'm in a different part of the house...I've come to accept this as "normal" behaviour for myself. This morning I woke up on the couch, wrapped in a sheet, with my brother frowning down at me. He asked me what I was doing last night, implying I had taken something. I told the was a completely uneventful night. He just shook his head at me, all passive-aggressively accusing me of lying, then told me he heard "creepy laughing" last night over my music (I leave music playing when I go to bed) and the same laughing again before I sleep-walked my way into the living room. Maybe I'm possessed...heh heh. Awwooo!!

Erutrevo Erutrevo
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

'Tis a strange and creepy thing what our bodies do without us at the wheel.

Manic laughter in the middle of the night would actually be a bit scary o_0 I've only experienced something similar a couple of times. Once my brother was trying to wake me up and apparently, I was shaking my head vigourously and growling "No! No! No!" so he left me alone to enjoy more sleep ;) I don't remember doing that, so it must have been some kind of sleep defense mechanism. I've also woken up to loud laughter coming from my own mouth. It must have been a very amusing dream, but I can't remember what it cold have been.