So I'm a loner. Yup that's how I'm starting it off, the depressing **** ahah. Anyway I only have one friend. She has a boyfriend so we don't hangout as much as we use to. Everyone that I come in contact with has a boyfriend, and I'm here like "this food loves me" yeah sorta sucks. I'm a junior in high school and still no one has taken a liking to me. But I'm pretty perfect so why the hell not?
Since I'm a loner I talk to my cat a lot. He meows back and I answer back as if I understood what he said. His name is Bernard. He's a black cat. He's my Jiji and I'm his Kiki (if you understood, awesome) So I'll be like "why don't you help me out sometimes" and he'll go meow and I'll say "oh I understand." He's the only male species that likes me that isn't bonded by blood. He could hate me and every time he meows he calls me an ugly *****. But till I know for sure I'm taking it as love.
I know everyone was wondering about me and Bernard so you're welcome *sarcasm*
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

<3 meow meeeeooooow meowww, say hi to Bernard from me =) got any picture of him? I love cats, they're awesome!
You do look really pretty and you seem really funny too, so I don't know what gone wrong, but I think you do good in sticking with Bernard xD he's trustworthy =)

I wanted to like this comment twice, but I couldn't =(