Everyone is getting ******* pregnant! Two of my friends have had pregnancy scares. One is 15 years old, too ******* young! The other is 17, too ******* young. And now this girl I know is pregnant who is 17. And she's actually happy about it. COME ON GUYS! It's not that hard to just close those legs. Or at least be ******* safe. It's not cool to be pregnant and in high school. It's not cute. You think your high school bf is gonna stay with you cause he said he was. That almost never happens. Why generation? Why?
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4 Responses Aug 17, 2014

You are not weird at all You are right. Lots of ways to have fun and be safe. Good on ye !!

THANK YOU!!! Still someone with grey matter still functional!

I don't see anything wring with sex during high school, just gotta be safe. You have a point, a high school guy will probably not stay with you. Even if he does, it's still gonna be hard

Oh cry about it so what if they get pregnant at a young age there nothing no one can but the person who made the choice to