When i get married i want my wife to divorce me and leave with out kids and marry someone else ????? Why do i want this lol
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And maybe you'll find the person who changes all of that. And if you don't then it's your life

Because something deep down is really wrong with you. Figure out what that is & fix it.

Maybe i just want to be alone lol ?

I think you have serious issues. If u want to be alone then why do u want someone to marry you & leave you? Do you see the logic in this? Because I don't.

I suppose you right but whatever i dont realy care and it wont really hurt me .

No but it will most likely hurt the other person. But like you just said, you really don't care about that and that's why I say you have serious issues.

What if i just dont marry ? Lol i dont have to live to please everyone right

Right. You should not marry if you still feel this way. Why hurt an innocent person when you have bad intentions towards them & haven't even met them yet? Let that person be happy without you. You will bring that person pain.

I'll most likely stay this way so i wont marry thats cool lol


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