Is it weird to be weird deliberately?

fascad3 fascad3
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4 Responses Dec 17, 2009

Stay low on the freak radar you'll get away with more.<br />
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If i walked around in a full Hockey outfit at the mall that would be weird. I hate malls.

No it's faking.<br />
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Would it be weird for me to walk around in a football uniform if I never played football?

My sis and me, we would use the word "weird" for anything we don't understand, or probably in some cases we don't like..<br />
So to people who likes to buy clothes and bags and shoes, i'd be weird to them as i would buy books and think only twice, and clothes after two weeks flight :)<br />
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ps. i am a woman, ignore my avatar :)

No, the dog! The dog is weird! I swear!