Is it weird to be weird deliberately?

fascad3 fascad3 36-40, M 6 Responses Dec 17, 2009

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Stay low on the freak radar you'll get away with more.

If i walked around in a full Hockey outfit at the mall that would be weird. I hate malls.

No it's faking.

Would it be weird for me to walk around in a football uniform if I never played football?

My sis and me, we would use the word "weird" for anything we don't understand, or probably in some cases we don't like..

So to people who likes to buy clothes and bags and shoes, i'd be weird to them as i would buy books and think only twice, and clothes after two weeks flight :)

ps. i am a woman, ignore my avatar :)

Depends on how many other people do this :=D

I think weird is normal in alot of cases....I'm weird too, but normal to me

No, the dog! The dog is weird! I swear!