Glad To Be Loved

I wanted to find a group that said" I am well loved". I am by my family, friends and especially my husband they show me this in many ways. I was sad to see that I am only 1 of 13 people that feel this way. I hope more people join this group and let other's know life isn't all about negativity. I see a lot of groups on EP all about the negative things happening in our lives. I feel, we focus too much on that and not on the positive things that happen in our lives. Your life is what you make it, if you fill it with negativity that is what your life will be. We live choice by choice and the choices we make guide our future. Tell us how your family, friends or loved ones show you their love.

I AM WELL LOVED BECAUSE.... My husband never walks by me without touching me somehow, whether it be a hug, caress of the shoulder, kiss on the neck or a smack on the ***. He takes care of me when I am sick and helps me without even being asked. He does the little things that you wouldn't think would make a difference but do. My step-children love me because they too will help without being told, they surprise me with homemade gifts and tell me they love me even after an argument. My parents although thousands of miles away visit me twice a year or more, and they always share the holidays with us somehow. I try to do the same. You get what you give after all.
Please share your story if you are loved! Thanks.
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Dec 15, 2012