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A Night In July.

It was a warm, restless summer night.
I lay on the grass, looking up at the sky: such serenity, an eternal canvas, with twinkling, sparkling stars; like ships in the night forever sailing on an endless sea.
To my right was the swollen moon. Mans footsteps would forever spoil, tarnish the most beautiful thing in the sky...
I thought, it was a beginning, a start, in the inevitable march of progress... How dense and cold the darkness above me was... Would they appreciate, cherish their time on the moon...

Around me, was my reality. The harsh, raging sound of machines. Mens loud, raucous laughter. An occasional jangling cry, a shriek of boredom... The noise could be deafening...
But through the din i could still hear the delicate sound of a bird singing. I didn,t know what bird it was, but it was a fearless song, challenging the mayhem around me...
I took a bite of my chocolate bar. If i had the choice, i would rather have been on the moon. all that delightful, luxurious silence, an escape from the severe, shrill, harsh world surrounding me...

I sighed a lonely sigh, finished my chocolate, got up, brushed the grass off my clothes and trudged back to work.
Cassiestar Cassiestar 56-60, M 2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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Sounds amazing

Thanking you.Lol

Wow, that was very pretty!

Thanking you. Lol.