Although technically I'm half Welsh, I regard myself as English because I was born and brought up in England and my outlook is English. I didn't come to live in Wales until I was an adult. I've learnt enough Welsh to be able to converse in Welsh and read a not particularly difficult Welsh book. It's a pity not more Welsh people take an interest in the Welsh language.

 I've never quite come to terms with the Welsh concept of hiraeth. If people want to spend all their lives in the same Welsh valley or village without seeing anything of the world then fair enough. They've a perfect right to do that. I'm not criticising them except to say that it seems a strange, even parochial, idea to me. There's no exact English translation for hiraeth. Words like home-sickness and longing don't quite cover it. Still, I suppose there's more to the concept than that. And I suppose I'm only talking about a minority of people.

barbarahinton barbarahinton
31-35, F
Feb 7, 2010