The Day I Changed My Plan For Dbt-jrf

22nd February

Just now I read a document by Shikha Shinha, a biotechnika expert, on “How to prepare for DBT JRF”. In that she mentioned that one should aim to study at least 14 hrs a day and must divide the time between subjects as per the priority. Well till now I used to study only 4 to 5 years, that too not seriously. This article really hit me hard and my expectations for clearing this entrance exam. As I see this is probably the last opportunity for me to compete for any exam and try to settle in life with a good job and respectful career ahead. I really have no choice but to follow a strict and suitable routine so that I will not be stressed and will also achieve my aim. I just want to continue visiting EP which I feel will lessen my burden and rejuvenate me. I will continue my story about this in the next segment and also write about my current state regarding my preparation for the exam.

My routine till next Sunday….

Biotechnology- 4 hrs
Biochemistry- 4 hrs
Genetics- 2 hrs
Immunology- 2hrs
crazihilary crazihilary
26-30, M
Apr 19, 2011