I Do Not Like Being White

For one I'm not even of full European descent, only about maybe 80-90%. I actually think us whites in America are moreso minorities than say an Asian-American. Who can I find that is part German, English, Irish, Scottish, Navajo, Cherokee, and Mexican just like me? I only know of my brother and sister who are. But my point... I do not like being white, ever since I was around 4 years old I always wanted to be hispanic. I always envied how they had pride for their culture and heritage. But as a white person living in America, compared to these "minorities", I felt like I had no culture or heritage. Why don't white people have a month to celebrate? Maybe cuz there is nothing to celebrate. Maybe because you can't confine white people into one culture. What is special about white people that doesn't apply to anybody else? I don't really know of anything.

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2 Responses May 6, 2010

You want to trade places? I'm a light skinned black person with tons of mulatto ancestors. I have white, asian, native american, cuban, and slight arabian roots. But, only the black ones count. Btw, being latino has its problems, too.

Wow....You should revel in that you are the culmination of the dreams and hopes of many of your ancestors! <br />
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I am hispanic....but I am more proud to be an American FIRST!