When your breakin' out a bronc,
better get him Slicker broke.

For you'll have to try it sometime
when it isn't any joke

When the wind begins a blowin'
till it snaps his mane and tail

And a big black clouds a comin'
full o' lightnin', rain and hail

You know if you get off him
he will likely pull away

So you try it in the saddle
and your hopin' that you stay

But your horse starts a buckin'
when you get it half way on

When your arms and sleeves are tangled
then he throws you and he's gone

Your slicker's torn and busted
and the wind has took your hat

And you see your horse and saddle
go a-driftin' down the flat

Bout that time you get an idea
and you don't forget it, pal

Better slicker-break a Bronco
in a mighty good corral.
Tlvdatsi Tlvdatsi
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

That's beautiful