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And I Didn't Earn It At All...

I am just here to be an object of torment, and I didn't put any effort at all into earning it. Not one single bit of effort, it's just natural talent, if you'd call any of this bullshit 'talent'.
amytheinvalid amytheinvalid 26-30, T 2 Responses Oct 31, 2012

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Fùck anyone who gives me shìt for being realistic in my views. Especially you 'thesuperfinsterkid'. You are going to Hell, hope you enjoy it.

You didn't earn it? You go around telling people they're inferior to you because they don't have the exact same viewpoints as you! How the hell didn't you earn it? I think you damn well earned it, I've seen your posts all around EP and the only thing you ever tell people is "I'm the last of a dying breed who sees the truth and the corruption, and all other humans are unintelligent people who are in denial and so corrupt they don't deserve to live." You're so arrogant and cocky it makes me gag. So yet, you are who you are and you're judged for it, but you damned well deserve to be judged because, news flash, YOU'RE JUDGING EVERYONE ELSE MORE THAN THEY'RE JUDGING YOU!