Just Being Myself

I am just myself, I won't change myself, if you don't like it then too bad. I help people even when I am in a bad mood, and yet, you can't do the same, I am a true friend, putting all of you ahead. I just leave mine behind, and when you do feel better, you can't listen to why I am not in a good mood? I haven't said crap to make you angry, I was just saying what happened to me, and you don't want to provide comfort. That's not a friend, I provide the best comfort for my friends the best I can and you can't even at least try? If you don't like the stuff I am doing, then don't get to know me, we all have bad qualities, if you can't stand them then don't bother talking to me, i was there for you, and you can't do the same thing, i was there when i wasn't in the mood, but i still did it. You don't see me complaining about it. Its true that i don't like all the stuff you do but i do not get angry at you, just support. I am a good friend who is loyal, truthful,nice, caring, funny, witty, and i give good advice. The nerve of some people, especially friends.
Desolatebones Desolatebones
22-25, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

I'm sorry that you're so mad at your friends right now. But you should definitely not change who you are. Like you said, people need to accept and appreciate you for the way you are. I think you're a great friend just the way you are, and anyone who doesn't think so isn't really a friend.