Not For Anybody

You may not understand me but that's not my problem. It would be the worst insult to myself to change myself for someone else.

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7 Responses Feb 15, 2010

think positive always.why r u special?why r u not like the others?u never have 2 b change.u r on the right way.go on.

no 1 should ever change them self to fit in with others or change them self to be with some 1. we should be happy how we are and if some 1 doesn't like it, 'tell them to get over them self'

Thanks for this. I have bent over backward and compromised and read a lot of self-development books in order to change and I am not saying that is without merit, but it began to make me unhappy when I took it too far and became just a shadow of me. Something came to a head recently in business terms and I stuck to my guns as the old me whould have done. I feel so good about it. They were trying to change me in effect and have me bow down to demands. I am really proud of myself and I felt calm and great. People shouldn't change until they want to and until they are ready. We can turn somersaults tring to please everyone. Your piece was just what I needed to hear today. Regards

can i get an amen? or a hell yeah? maybe even a 'shut up, sarah'?

Lol thank you Kitty <br />
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I agree with LittleFerrett, please don't ever change. We love you just the way you are!

Don't ever change!<br />
<br />
ur an awesome person and definetly don't need to change for anybody :) :)