I Gotta Be Me!

I know there are some folks here that don't appreciate my sense of humor or understand what I am about and that's ok. You don't have to understand me, you don't even have to like me. I will not hold that against you. I will not judge you. I will probably never give you a second thought. 

I am a very supportive, generous, loyal friend and it's entirely YOUR loss, not mine. IT IS WHAT IT IS and I'm cool with it.

No one can say it better than Sammy!
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LOL....hmm....I appreciate all the guys who volunteered....but I'm fine, thanks. I did not create the group, therefore I did not have any control over the title. <br />
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Adoring you from afar, hth13!

I'm right here, safely ensconced in your pocket, sweetie. Whenever you need me, I'll be there.....isn't that a song??

Merily, you know I am a firm believer in just saying what you feel (or think) as long as it isn't going to hurt anyone. I bet my comment made him grin and maybe even blush just a tiny bit. <br />
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And all I did was to be honest. How simple is that? If you've read my "I'm a flirt" story, then you know it's what I'm all about. People have enough negative feedback in their lives, why not point out something positive. You could change the way their day is going and even if you don't, what damage have you done? Absolutely none. = )


Hey cutie patooty! Nice to see your sweet, lil' face! Gracias~

I so agree.. No judging from here !!!!!!!!

Awww, Punkin', I would NEVER call you a troll. You're my favorite FT!

Hey now...accuse me of having ADD all you want, and feel free to continue launching your appliances at me (retirement here i come) but don't you dare call me a troll. If anything, I'm a garden gnome. A really tall garden gnome. Just ask the pink flamingo propped up against me.

Aww, thanks K. Just the usual naysayers, we all have 'em. It seems the more people that like you, the more the trolls come after you.<br />
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I have always had my share of enemies, I just rarely acknowledge them. You have taught me well. *wink*

calm down kitten, stop pulling your hair. lol

There are some who might **** you off just for the pleasure of kissing your a$$. Too bad I love you just the way you are.

No prob, AP. I'm a die hard Pixie fan myself, so it's all good. = )

ThisNYpixieluvechiquita69 is the pixie you're looking for, AP. I am not a Pixie, I am a Chiquita. LOL

i'm gonna have to agrre with you chiquita. lol

Nice job, Pix....AaaaaaaaRGH has been selling it on ebay. He is saving up for his retirement. *Rolls eyes*

LOL@PTMAN! I'm so glad you made it! AaaaaaaaRGH and I tried to rescue you from the Oxygen Bar last week, but we made a slight detour at DQ and never made it.<br />
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Just between you and me, I suspect that AaaaaaaaaaaaRGH has Attention Deficit Disorder.

i love people that have a sense of humor, laughter is good.<br />
<br />
and by the way, i will kiss your *** but i am still going to like you. DEAL? lol

Aww, Gracias, Kaybea1! Hugs!

I fully intend to! Thanks Luna.

I love the name of this group, and yeah is their loss, is beautiful when sombody love you for who you are, I guess you can ignore the rest

lonesurvivor,<br />
<br />
Thank you for your very generous comment, LS. I treasure your friendship.

Awww, I appreciate that, Ironman. You are such a sweetheart! *throws you a kiss*

*dodges the Micro/conv.oven and launches the 60" flatscreen at AaaaaaaaaaaRGH*

You are soooo right!! Both about judgmental hypocrits, and about your being a generous loyal friend. It's so good to see you so happy, sugar!!<br />
<br />

:: throws your microwave/convection oven back at you :::<br />
Not because I disagree, but just because I figured you needed it.

You are always sweet, pix-a-doodle! Love the new username, by the way! I heard a rumor that Chiquita loves you right back, honeybunch!

Thank you for reading and commenting, Robert1256. I appreciate it!

Well said. This is me, this is who and what I am and if a person does not want to be my friend my attitude also is that it is their loss as I can be a good friend - on my term's