The Cold Sad Truth

She's the girl in the back of the classroom who is hardly ever noticed. Sometimes the class notices her long enough to call her loner or nigel. She ignored ever word they say, she just sits there smiling and doing her work. When she was at her old school they always teased her. One time she even went to the teacher but he just told her to ignore them, they were just being kids. He said if she ignored it they would get bored and stop. But he was wrong, infact the teasing made her move. Back to the story... After her classes she'd go to meet her friends in the secluded area they sit. They usually just sit and talk during lunch. She sits and laughs along with the rest of them. Her friends, the ones who know her, would say she is the quiet, cheerful type. She doesn't speak much, but she laughs alot. She keeps to herself most of the time and doesn't like to speak over the top of anyone. She never gets angry and never crys, she is a very happy person. When the time calls for it she is there and when someone needs help she knows what to do. She is a great friend and a sweet girl. They think the world of her, they say she is cheerful and sweet, but they don't really know her. She is confused and depressed but she doesn't want to be a bother so she keeps to herslef, bottles it all up. She tries her hardest just to be a good friend and stay simple and calm. She doesn't think any of her problems are really significant and she thinks that she's just stupid so she stays silent, she just smiles. One day her class started paying alot of attention to her, the worst kind of attention there is. They had many names to call her, and many things to mock her for. The called her the usual names, loner and nigel, and then extended their reach and used some more. They called her freak, teacher's pet, goodie-two-shoes, retard and goth. She didn't deserve this but she just put up with it, she didn't know what else to do. During that one week her class called her so many names it seemed as if they had gone right through the dictionary, they would surely run out. However they never did, everyday they had more words and more insults. No matter how many things they said she just kept smiling, and they just kept coming up with more. She just bottled it all up, more and more and more until there wasn't room for anymore, she couldn't take it. She still didn't want to be a bother, even though it was unbareable she still thought that it was insignificant compared to what happens to everyone else. She decided that she should try to distract herself so she forgets about it. First she tries listening to heavy music in class but she just got in trouble and the class just laughed and insulted her more. She tried many many other things, all failed. She had one more idea, she tried having an elastic and around her wrist and flicking it to distract herself, but in the end her wrist was so badly cut up and red that the class started calling her an emo. She had heard so many names by now that she started to believe them. She had given up... For the next two days she was basically in a catatonic state, she was still going to class and meeting her friends but she was unresponsive and absent. At the end of the second day her friends were so worried, they asked her what was wrong. She looked up for the first time in two days and finally spoke. She said "I'm fine, don't worry. It's nothing really." Her friends were still worried but just let her be. Later that day when her and one of her friends were walking home her friend turned to her and said "If somethings wrong you can tell me. I won't be bothered by it, and it'll get it off your chest, it helps to open up." She looked and her friend and smiled, "I'm really alright, I have just been thinking, sorry to bother you." Her friend couldn't get her to talk. That night she kept hearing her class laughing and calling her names, she heard them over and over. They were getting louder and louder and louder. She couldn't take anymore, she went into the bathroom with a pen and paper and wrote a sucide note... IM SORRY I BOTHERED ALL OF YOU WITH THIS BUT I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE. DONT WORRY ABOUT THIS JUST BURY ME AND BE DONE WITH IT. I WAS INSIGNIFICANT AND THEY WERE RIGHT I AM A LONER, I DON'T MATTER. GOODBYE Her friends were devastated and her family were shocked. Her class, the ones who caused this, felt guily for about three days but after that they went back to mocking another poor soul. The cycle begun again...
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That sounds familiar.

Stories like this one makes me want to go and talk some serious business with those bloody kids... arrgh. I'm truly sorry.

****, I started to cry when I read this :(