First Part of Therapy Cliche '

This is one of the first things they  tend to teach in therapy ...  so for me to see was like wow .. And thats how they  Start helping you to recognize  THe positive things about your life ...  and to reframe the negative ... does anyone remember that show " starting over " this was one of Yanla 's ( i think that was her name ) favorite things too ...  but i know in my heart  Thank you to my  Treatment Team ... I am who i am and thats okay !!!
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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1 Response Apr 28, 2007

What a wonderful realization CONGRATS!! Recently I too have come to the conclusion that I am what I am and that's not only OK, but I feel that it is FANTASTIC!! Well done on probably the hardest realization for ANYONE to come too, whether they suffer from an illness or NOT!! Be well, Trish