Its Not Like We're Sisters Or Anything!

Ok so a while back I had  a friend no name mentiond at all and she was comepleatly nuts she was obbdesed with me and it got all crazy one day when she called me sister and it was so annyoying she was just a friend i wasnt even sure i liked her yet and she was calling me her sister it was so uncool then she started doing everything that I did and she was acting like me talking like me and going everywhere i went......she was sortod like a stalker she was folowing me around for months then she started  wearing what i wore hell she even cut and dyed her hair like mine she might have made her face look like me if i didnt put my foot down when I did she was out of hand I said "LISTEN YOU NEED TO STOP IT UR ACTING LIKE A STALKER IM ME AND YOUR YOU AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE WE'RE SISTER OR ANYTHING!!!!"
livdawg656 livdawg656
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010