There Are A Few Reasons...

I have epilepsy. It has made me so much stronger. Strangely, it makes me love myself more than hate myself. Actually, I have never hated myself for having it. I like being able to relate to people and enlighten people about this condition. Many people know people who have it but are ignorant.

I am Chinese. I love listening to my grandparents, parents, family friends' stories about personally growing up (or about their grandparents, etc. growing up) in China as China was going through so many changes, good and bad. The stories are shocking. Their resilience and hard work is extroardinary inspiring and makes me love them. I love learning about my culture and exploring China. It always fascinates me when I visit. 

I gain joy from being able to help others. No matter how down I am, helping others and seeing them grow will put a smile on my face.

possibly...Owl City. This is one that hit me today. I have not been crazy about any other band ever. They cure me of all my pain and make me serene when I don't think its possible. Thank you Owl City. You have saved me so many times. 

Now I am going through a rough patch (and have in sparks of time thought about...well you know...I'm kinda depressed...), but these things always hold true.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Tasmin, I so agree. What's your story?

I love reading about what makes people who they are .. thank goodness we all have such different stories