After Waiting A Long Time I've Finally Got The Job I Want

There were may times I felt like giving up, but I never quite did.
During a seven month stretch of unemployment in 2010 I took a skills upgrading class in tourism and hospitality, but it was a year before that – during another three-month stint of unemployment -- that I first wondered about working as a hotel front desk agent.  I hadn’t taken advantage of the skills upgrading class in 2009.  My priority at that time was simply finding a job, which I did in fairly short order. 

In 2010, however, I was able to job shadow the hotel front desk agent role for two weeks, which I enjoyed.  Meanwhile, the Vancouver Winter Olympics had wrapped up in March, three month prior to my  finishing the program.  Every hotel had laid off so many workers that new openings must have had over 100 applicants vying for it.  A guy like me, with no experience in the industry, didn’t stand a chance.

Actually,  I was hired and trianed for one full day at a small hotel, before they decided I wasn’t a good fit for their organization.  In October of that year I was also invited to work at a hotel, but I’d already accepted a job at a gas station, which was full-time and seemed more stable than the 24 hours-per-week graveyard shift the hotel was offering.  At that point, having almost run out of Employment Insurance, the security of more hours and regular work was more important.  The hotel dream had to be put on hold.

This spring I started applying again.  At first I was hopeful of being hired by BC Ferriers.  Two separate terminals called me in for interviews, and I was hopeful of landing one of their high-paying summer ticket agent jobs.  It wasn’t a given that I’d get one, though.  Competition for those jobs is fierce.  So I continued putting in applications, at hotels and a few other places.

In the first week of May I got a call from a Holiday Inn Express & Suites, asking me to come into for an interview.  I’ve been working at gas station convenience stores for 18 months now, the last 12 doing straight graveyard shifts.  The hotel saw potential in my starting as a night auditor, as they were looking to fill a new opening fast. 

My initial interview, with the assistant guest services (front desk) manager went well, and a couple days later I was sitting across from the hotel’s general manager, having a follow-up interview.  I told him I was also considering BC Ferries, but he told me he couldn’t wait for that long.  He needed to hire someone right away.  It was the moment of truth for me, and I took the leap of faith, saying that I would take the job:  I was fully committed.  Later that day I was contacted by the assistant guest services manager, who told me I was hired!

The whole thing seems a bit unreal.  I gave my (short – less than one week’s) notice to the gas station manager, who was none too happy to hear I was leaving.  She saw fit to lecture me that I should have told her a couple weeks before if I was considering a new job.  She even wondered if I’d be able to stay on part-time at her store, and enticed me with a day position.  I just endured her harranguing.  No, I couldn’t stay at the gas station; I would be working full-time at the hotel.  No, I couldn’t cover Sunday night/Monday morning any more, since I didn’t know what my schedule would be yet.  It was hasta la vista, baby!  Albeit with a small (and I mean real small) pang of regret for not being able to provide better notice.  I could be burning a bridge, after all.  I talked to my mom about this later, and she told me not to worry.  The gas station manager had lots of opportunity to keep me happy, but hadn’t done so.  When I’d asked her for a day shift a couple months before, she’d told me that working days required multi-tasking (as if what I already did didn’t require any – LMFAO), and that none of the other employees there wanted to work with me (WTF!)

The gas station manager asked me not to say anything about my leaving to my co-workers, but I didn’t hold to that.  One was very happy for me.  Another, whom I get along well with, was happy I was going to do something I really wanted.  Another seemed happy for me, but was a bit reserved.  The poor guy is overworked (as we all are there), and I’m sure he saw his job getting more complicated with my leaving.

My job at the hotel, so far, has been easy.  I’m mostly training, trying to learn their computer system.  I’m driving the shuttle to the airport to pick up guests, though.  Tonight is my first Night Audit shift, from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  It’s brutal, I know, but I’ve been waiting so long for this chance that I’m not complaining.  I have the rest of my life ahead of me, and the opportunity right now seems golden.

*** UPDATE ON OCTOBER 31, 2012 ***

I'm sorry to report that I was fired one week ago.  They gave me their reasons, i.e. I'd checked some guests into the wrong rooms, some billing difficulties, letting my displeasure show in front of guests.  It's too bad, really.  I'd done good work there.  It isn't like I'm the only one with issues.  Whether those were the actual reasons or they just didn't like me, who knows?  But I'm on to the next thing, whatever that is.
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

seems like you found your calling :]

Yes. I'm still happily with it, although there have been many bumps along the road. I simply roll with it, knowing I'll get better.

Just found this UE ... great news ... hope it's going well!

Thank-you. It's working out fine so far, except that I know I have a lot more to learn. I feel great to have found this job.

happy for you, UnderEli! that is such a wonderful blessing. =)