Say **** You And Move On.

I spent a lot of time scared of expressing myself. Dressing the way i like to , acting the way i like to and just being me. I have social anxiety. Im very insecure. Im very loud around the people i am comfortable with and i consider my friends but im very very shy in front of people i dont know.
At the end of the day i dont want to live in regret. I dont want to be afraid and live in the shadow. If everyone hates me , they can at least hate me for who i am , then who im not. School is going to end. I think a lot of people forget how little of your life high school really takes up. Its practically nothing. Cause when u leave your never gonna see 99.9% of the people.
Just live. Thats what im gonna tell myself from now on. Dont do it because i want to impress someone or you want to fit in ar whatever. Do it because YOU want and because it makes YOU happy. Who cares if everyone doesnt like it ? EVERYONE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO LIKE YOU. Thats just plain life. It is how it is. And u can either live your life and make the best of it or just be miserable.
thequeenofpain thequeenofpain
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012