Waikuku Beach

It was in 1978 that i first really hooked into the musical genius of Fleetwood Mac. They so hit a chord with that summer of musical headonism for me and my buddies.
I had gotten out of nelson, was 19 and sick of being stuck in a place that offered little excitement for me.  I had some friends down Christchurch way that lived in Kaiapoi a rural satellite town north of Christchurch. It had some wind worn beaches in its area   and we got ourselves a place to rent at Waikuku Beach.
The new fm in stereo radio airwaves where becomeing the ultra modern things to have, so we had to buy new radios to stay alive with the latest musics from all sorts of overseas bands groups and solo artists defining that exact era clear in my mind.  It was a great time with music like that of Paul McCartney and wings, Little River Band, and of course Fleetwood Mac.  There are others that filled the airways of that time i can bring to mind like Peter Frampton Eric Clapton Steely Dan Donna Sumers Queen Bachman Turner Overdrive etc etc.  We were in that alcohol is a must age bracket   of cheap fortified wine and beer nescessity to enjoy ourselves properly mentallity.  Little did i really think it would turn around to bite me on the arrse, which i need not delve into further (but take note you young people who think they are master over it)
Waikuku beach had a slight surfer type image  which was really exemplified at Taylor's Mistake beach  further in the ch-ch domain central area.  Hip surfers would oft drop their stories of riding the waves out there.
I had the opportunity to purchase the cool pad  we were renting.   But being a dumb teenager that thought much better things had to be a coming in the huge long life i had ahead of me.   I ran fast from the very thought of taking on such a dreaded responsibility.   Still thats life, and a very surfy boozey Fleetwood one i had at Waikuku beach too in 1978.

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intresting story...good history of ur picture s there