I Just Want To Make This Statement

I am not perfect. I have emotional problems, baggage from my past, and low self-esteem. I am moody, overly-sensitive sometimes, and I have a problem being complimented because it's so hard for me to believe I am beautiful.
Physically, I have my flaws. I am fat, I have a belly that I despise, chipmunk cheeks, and my sensitive Irish skin gets ugly red razorburn every time I touch a razor to it, so it looks like I have a rash on my upper thighs and bikini area. I hate it!

But I'm me. That stuff (good or bad) is all a part of me, and whoever chooses to be with me will have to take me as I am or leave me alone.
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
Oct 28, 2010