I Love My Self.

I believe it's a gift we have to love ourselves. And i always have for the most part loved me. I love the way I look. I love the way i look with no make up on dancin around the house in my underwear and a tank top even more. I am happy with what I have, what I 've accomplished and what I've created. I wish that for everyone. Of course i have my moments but I snap right back like a new elastic. I can't tell you how important this is. To be able to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. To hold your head up high each day when you walk out the door. And because of how you feel about yourself not because of how others feel about you.
Happiness truely is a state of mind. When I am happy my kids are happier, my mother is less worried, my garden does better, the food tastes better and my house is cleaner. Everything is just better. So hey if you don't like me I truely really don't care. Alittle too heavy, alittle too skinny not enough this not enough that? What ever. Keep it movin. I'm busy dancing in my underwear!
Temprence Temprence
36-40, F
4 Responses May 9, 2012

That was a great story! You have a very positive and healthy attitude. It's not always easy to think that way, but you do it. Keep dancing around in your underwear and sing your heart out if you'd like. Just keep living and having a good time and always be you.


Hahaha! Funny guy :)

WOW i like every word you say now here .and i feel it as well too<br />
and just know that i like you as you are happy smiling and dancing in your underwear ;)<br />
wish if i am there with you or you here with me my lovely friend .<br />

You have inner peace helping you feeling good.