I Am Me

I am moody,stubborn,quiet,talkative,sensitive,artistic,melancholy,intense,sensual,sexual,zany,funny,kind,loyal,needy,anxious,a fighter,small,fragile,vulnerable,adrenaline junkie,a writer,big hearted,wild,insatiable at times,crazy and free. I am who I was born to be.Finally I have found the person that you all tryed so hard to change,bend and break.I was pushed,kicked when I was down,beaten,lied to,starved,stabbed,and broken.Yet no chains or scars hold me down.It may have taken some toll on me emotionally but I'll get there one day.Just remember my words as I shout them because I have found my voice"never give up,never give in and never ever surrender".
BrokenFairytale BrokenFairytale
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

in a lushes sigh these broken lips will speak.. love....

One finger traces those lips as if they were mapped by this hand.Love.Love is a beautiful thing when nurtured and allowed to grow.