It's Taken My Whole Life To Become Me.

I learned early in my teens that following the crowd and being accepted was a lot of senseless time waste. I was much happier being myself. We were a small tight group then. My friends and I I.. The bad boys..and girls that didn't wear the uniform of the times. We accepted each other as the "individuals " we were.
I am still most comfortable in Jeans and Boots,just as I was then,I am however developing an affinity for tennis shoe occasionally.
I did have a lapse of individuality in the Disco Years..I bought a pair of platform shoes..My God how embarrassing to admit that.
My opinions and perspective are uniquely mine. Borne from a lifetime of experience . Good and Bad.
Peterbilt1955 Peterbilt1955
56-60, M
Jan 6, 2013