I Do Not Want Or Care About Approval

All my life I have seen what is supposedly approved of in life, and it sucks. You're supposed to lie to keep people's feelings from getting hurt. Your supposed to help out people that don't help themselves. Why plain and simple why. If you ask me a question you are damn right I am going to be honest to you. If I think you're a dumbass I am going to tell you you're a dumbass. I will tell you about my opinion. To help others that do not help themselves is dumb. Why help people, civilizations, and entire countries that do not help themselves they'll never learn.
Brian1mccalister Brian1mccalister
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You are still young, I hope there will come a day you realize that every situation is eunique. I'm not saying you must lie but helping others to improve does not mean tramping all over thier dignity. I appreciate your point of view but discretion is also important.

Helping others to improve themselves is different than helping people that will not help themselves. If someone wants to improve their life and is trying very hard to make it then a helping hand is always good but do not give it in monetary value instead give it as hard work. People that do not help themselves are lazy, ignorant, and immature. I could care less about them.