So if I ended it all right now would anyone miss me or even notice I was gone?
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I'm hearting the concept of the experience of approval not being needed

In this world there is always someone (even if held secret) that cares and will notice your absence. Remember whoever/whatever hurt you wins if you just give up! When we are at our lowest/saddest we never see the light, but it's there! It is waiting for anyone willing to pick themselves up off the floor and fight for what they need to survive and be happy. Life is NOT easy nor will it ever be, but it's is worth it once you learn to love yourself and have good people in it. I hope and pray for you to find some inner peace and happiness because everyone deserves to be happy and be loved! Please don't hurt yourself! You are cared for because I would care if something happened to you!! No you don't know me, nor have we met, but I do care because as a good person I care for all people and their feelings. Every person has a purpose and everyone matters always believe and remember that!

I'm tired of fighting all my life has been long bloody fight. I'm drained of any strength I have left my so called wife cares only for herself she hates the fact that even tho her daughter is not my blood child nor are the foster kids that I was a better farther to them than she was as a mother. But she has them thinking I'm bad and she's good. Oh I want so bad just to end it but your making hard for me to. If I message you in the morning than you'll know you've won. Love you forever

There truly is more to life! If your not happy just start over. We all live only once and this is YOUR one LIFE! Be fair to yourself and live! I mean really live!! Be happy because you deserve it, stop worrying what your wife thinks about you (heck get separate or divorced), show the kids you do love them by staying in touch despite what their mother says. Take chances and do everything you ever wanted and didn't!! Be daring and bold and unafraid because you can. You deserve you happiness in this life like everyone else, so don't you dare give up and settle for anything other than that!


Who? Not my so called wife or kids.

People would trust me ....try talking to them

Her daughter would me miss me paying her way thru life wife would get mad for having to take care of herself foster kids and her daughter otherwise i wouldn't be missed

I think maybe you should calmly tell them how you feel. If they don't support you and you aren't happy together perhaps it's time to move toward a new chapter in your life. I can't tell you what to do, but it sounds like you really need some communication, support, and maybe even change. Life is ever changing and sometimes we have to just except that life isn't about what we want, but what is planned for us. You may find your pleasantly surprised by what is ahead for you.

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