More Of I Am

Hm I am a wonderful person who is really a true humanoid. I am alive at this time but what about 10 minutes from this point who really knows.

Being from a family who are dysfunctional gives me the opportunity to see things more clearly now and let te pain go away. No sense in crying over something that is over with. I think that my life today makes me who i am not what I am but maybe what I will be. What I am is not what matters to many but to some who I am really matters the most. I am more interested in life and of course the past as it relates to history. Today am just a normal person doing what is possible and then might go on and see what develops from it. hard to say how i am later today.

I am feeling wonderful. No big complaints except that I am bored out of my tree. I am here and that is it. Just here being me. Maybe back in the 1970's had a different idea and going through a time of torment, adjusting to new things and wondering what is going on. I was wondering then if I will make it through each day or who just might put a bullet in me to end my creative time here on this world. Then thought maybe I am only human. I am thinking hey I have made it thus am happy. I am looking to the  middle 1970's hoping to get something more out of life but then kept more or less quiet and then go on.
honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Jul 16, 2010