I Am Me

I am me a real person who has seen much to life as well as a lot of misery as well. I was beat up, shot, been through a nasty divorce but still go through life with great expectations. I am honest to a degree but do not trust any family members. I find that being just me is interesting while many who know me find that hey Norm you are great.

I am Norm my real name. Grew up in Lynn Ma and moved out when a late teen never going back. I am working in a distant land and enjoy being who I am and being just me. Went back to school at 38 and being just me while there. Loved it but hated it as well. Just did my best and worked hard in getting what I really wanted. It was a trying time but life is trying as well. Loved being a student and had learned many new things plus bringing happiness to some as well. I am only a real person and like being me. Me is not my name and do not like who me? Yeah we have heard this one before, right?


honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Jul 17, 2010