Know I Know I Made Many Mistakes With My Ego.

big ego, headstrong, sharp mouth, meloncholic and over sensitive person.
yeah,you can describe me like that. but it was. i thought i'd makes me the toughest woman . the invincible woman ever.

i've got many enemies with my wrong perception of "solidarity" ,i strated to be over when someone hurts my friends (that im realize now she wont do the same thing as me) , i got trouble cos many of my friends got offended by my words,i really want people to had an EYES on me. i think i can do anything i want. i think it makes be respected and stuff.

the more i grew up,the more i realize that im so fragile. im crying easily when smth hurts me or when im a bit mad. im not even more strong than my friend whos nothing. im soooo a piece of **** . Now im thinking how to FIX it all. how to fix this things. i wont walk in this life with someone who still has revange on me,or even still get hurts. i TERRIBLY feel bad since yesterday. i really wanna be a better person without loosing any of my ideas,my dreams,my obssesions, and my hopes. i still just wanna be ME but better.

I sent a mesage to a friend of mind who pshycology knows me so much for some advice ,and she just said i have to pray to god,and he will open the way for me. I really hope it will work.
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You can and will be a better person if you set your mind to it. God may open the way for you , you have to be willing and ready to follow. In time you will be the person you want to be.

thank you so much for your comment guys. i appreciate that! Some things just are what they are. i'll remember that helen. and DJK44,as im taking communication as my major,Communication is key! yes,i AGREE! x)