My One Year With The One I Love.

i maybe just 16 but hey i believe i have found the one for me my one true love. and we have been together for 7 months now, and its been a rollercoaster but its been worth ever little bit. so for our 1 year yer it maybe 5 months away i am wanting to write her a book; a book on how amazing she is and that she is beutiful and if she puts her mind to it she can do it, and i am hoping that doing this will cinda like boost her confidence in herself. she sais she cant do things and she will mess up and she isnt clever but thats is no way near true she is so clever and amazing and she can do things. she sais thank you to me after she does things because i believed in her but the only reason i believe she can do it is because she can do it, i dont need to believe because she can do it. this book i am wanting to write i want it to be about everything almost as she can go back to this book and look and it like gives her a boost like she knows someone does believe in her and will do anything to see her happy and succed. evey one loses their way somtimes and needs reminding in whats what and needs encouragement sometimes some more than others but its how we are all made. our relationship is special we known each other since year 8 and we well there was somthing there i can sey but i never thought about this. we got closer and closer and then boom but i think we made the right move, its like we are perfect for each other. and she is just so amazing to and for me and i will never want anyone else. we both get afraid we do, aspecialy me, i am basicly the worst out of us both, i get worrie that i might hurt her over anything....litulary. but we have made it throught alot, and when i mean alot i mean it, but what doesnt kills us makes us stronger. and what doesnt kill me makes me love her more and more and i will love her for ever and ever and thats why i want to make this book to represent my love for her and to represent me in her times in need when i am not there, and to give her the boosts when she needs them most. and i love her.
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that's amazing. <3