This Is Me.

I am happy most days, but i have my moments when all i want to do is cry.One of my friends calls me penguin, and my Best friend is gay. I love purple. I think its the best color in the world. I am an artist and a thinker. And i am very ambitious. I like to walk barefoot. Although i hate when my feet get dirty.
I love my family and i love to laugh. I LOVE being in love. I like to write, whether its poetry, stories, or in my journal.
I am in love with my car. ( we are in a relationship.) When i drive i feel like a speed racer.
I like working and having a job. Its fun. I am afraid of truckers. One tried to run me off the road once.. eh. bad experience.
I love shoes. If you cant find anything to wear, you can always find shoes. I love tattoos, They are one thing you can take to the grave. Some people hang their art.. well I wear mine. I like guns and flowers.
My favorite flower is fresia, because it smells like fruit loops. Only the white ones though.
I like to make wishes, whether its on dandilions, the stars or 11:11.
I love to dress up and look pretty. And i love high heels. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Candy and costumes, whats better?
I am a smoker, i like smooths and 27s. I am NOT a quitter.
I hate suicide. I think its the most selfish thing anyone could ever do.
I like to read graphic novels, and i think video games are just plain awesome. I like it when you make me feel special.
My thoughts are weird sometimes. I love when i have dreams.. well ones i can actually remember.
I have big goals. I am also determined to win the lottery. :) I want to help everyone even if i cant help myself. I am NOT selfish. I will give you all i have to give. I dont like being mad or unhappy. I am also the hardest person in the world to **** off. I have had a hard life but I am a strong person. I will love you like no other. I like candy. Dr. Pepper is my favorite. Treat me like a princess and i will treat you like a king. What you see is what you get, although there is more to me then meets the eye.
I love babies and puppies. I think tiny things are cute. I know how to spell but i am dyslexic. I would rather make cool cloths then spend a bunch of money buying them. Cuddling is my favorite. I will cheer you up if you are sad. I can be a very funny person. Especially when im drinking. :p I am good at giving adivse. I will forgive you but maybe not twice. Hurt me once and im gone for good. I like my strep dad more then my real dad. We get along better. I will show you kindness you have never seen, just dont **** me off. My favorite color is purple, although i really like green. I love singing. I will sing until the world ends, but only if no one is around. I will cry if i miss you, And i wont think about you if i dont. I wish more people truely knew ME. I want to get married and settle down and start my own little family. Theres more to like then parties, and hook ups. Im over it. Show me a magic trick and i will think its the coolest thing ever. Buy me flowers.. I love flowers. ^_^ I will always love you, as long as your good to me.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

well it wasnt like that. lol. He was riding my *** down the highway and i was going well over the speed limit. so i got over on the side of the road to let him pass me and he tried to push my car off into the ditch!

Dont hate the truckers.I use to be a long haul trucker and most people really have no idea how hard it is to see a car that gets in your blind spot.Also these rigs have to make wide turns and cant stop on a dime.I have many of the same likings !