Why is it that the smoke alarm battery decides that it needs to be changed at 4 a.m.?  So I boldly arise to take care of it and race back to bed (of course the shrillness woke the dog so that means a trip outside--and of course, he doesn't pee but just licks the dew-laden grass!).  So, I sat here in the middle of my kitchen floor trying to get the battery out of the darned thing!  Fully awake by now, I finally FINALLY (I could add a hundred "finallys" to finally get there) got it changed.  Dog went back to sleep (he still hasn't peed, which you know what that means...either we go for it again real soon or he will choose to do it in the house in his favorite corner (which is why he is barricaded to the kitchen but you know that little sneaky puppy will take any opportunity that is afforded so we play our "cat and mouse game" here).  
Gee and we both (you reading, me writing) thought this was going to be about a smoke alarm! 
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I can relate! :D