My Life Story Part 1a

I'm new to blogging but i've got so many things to say, i guess i'm the type of person that wants to express themselves in everyway possible. i'm pretty easy to talk to but enough is enough let me tell you who i am and how i became myself..

i was raised in a small town, i was brought up in a "christian" enviorment, but my parents dranked and smoked, not they are clean. my life has been easy and hard, i can remember the day i was beaten so badly by my mother that i was throwing up and was forced to clean it, i was raped when i was 13 and never told my parents, until a 6months ago.

i was in a wreck in the 9th grace and was airlifted, and almost lost my life, i've had many struggles in my lifetime since..
i have been though enough and i'm not a victim but i'm a survior. i've watch someone commit sucide right in front of my own eyes, tragic as it is, it was selfish, i've been beaten, and i've had a drug addiction.

i'm what i call my self one hero for my own, meaning i am my own hero, i was faced with the challenges, and luckily had the chance to get clean by going to rehab and becoming someone better, now i'm going to go back to college in the fall, and hopefully finish my major in psycology.

i hate the word luck, because i'm truely blessed to be here.

hippister39 hippister39
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012