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I Am A Scorpio Woman......the Intense One.......

  • Very energetic, high energy...I like to feed off other's energy, at times I can be too much for some..

  • High endurance

  • Intelligent, witty

  • out going personality

  • bold and determined - one way or another I will get what I am after

  • can hold hard grudges - depends what you did to get me there

  • hard working

  • talkative and social - total social butterfly, love people

  • fights hard for what we believe in, and no backing down

  • sharp minded

  • extremely protective over family and close friends

  • attractive - always like to stand out from the rest

  • can be very cold and calculating when crossed

  • can be come absessive and possesive, secretive

  • can be jelous not a good place to have us, especially of your a woman

  • can be a little self centered at times

  • can be romantic, passionate - when it is brought out and trust is there

  • can be a very intense, creative, erotic lover - we aim to please, feed the need

  • heated temper when provoked

  • protects their loved ones at any cost

  • emotional and feeling....can be very intense at times

  • loves to party and loose control once and a while

  • not good to make us an enemy

  • truest of friends

  • laid back when we want to be

  • very cunning

  • can be hard to deal with at times, a handful if pushed

I am Scorpio woman (Oct 29th)

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 41-45, F 4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

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While I am an Aquarius, I care much for a young Scorpio man. You Scorpios are awesome! :)

why thank you...we are interesting, intenese fun PPL :)
and so are you guys to :)

my kind of gal

thank ya :)

I am Scorpio Man,I can relate to a lot of what you have written.Thank you for sharing. :-)

your sooo Scorpios are interesting creatures :)

i had an ex who was we clashed but it was intenese!!!!

otherwise also known as an emotional vampire...people like that I like to gag and beat for fun.

well I am not the one to try to do that to!!!!!!!

we beat back!!!!!