I Am..and Would Be Same

Change is a must physically, its part of me. But, inside we seldom change, so we want others to accept us as we are, take it or leave it..but no alteration is possible..mould used for making me can not be changed after I got dried and painted with years..
I look at myself and feel myself, when others look at me. I am not angel nor a satan, I am in between..my moods change, my words too, but feelings remain as per you ( means those who encounter me ).
I make levels in my mind, categorised people in slots and decide on reactions what will be my next level, and of course the feed back from those who are now with me.
I want to improve myself, no doubt but can not change..I am as I am..nothing more unless I gain weight nothing less..get slim :)
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

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