I Gotta Be Meeeeee!

Ever get tired of people who can't relate to you unless they have some lame label to call you, or some category they feel comfortable putting you in?  I am.  Why do people feel this overwhelming need to put you in a box?  Is it because it's easier than thinking of you as an individual who isn't required to 'fit'?  I think so...
WarriorNun WarriorNun
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5 Responses Sep 20, 2006

its because they hide their weakness by blaming you, they dont want theirs being viewed by others so , they find some scapegoats :) simple.just ignore them,

I think it's important to find your niche in life.<br />
A lot of people have trouble fitting in - and that's just a reality - it begins early and continues into adulthood.<br />
Introverts like me usually have it tougher.<br />
Sometimes you pay a big price 4 "I gotta be Meeeeeee !"

Hey, I know exactly what you feel. As one introvert to another, it can be no small feat to keep your personality when there are stronger ones about. But it's possible. And yeah, it's always tougher to be yourself instead of what folks expect you to be. It takes guts to swim upstream. But swim I do. You have to know who you are and your own self worth. That's the key.

im so sick of feeling like i dont fit in anywhere, altho i have my own opinions and talk when a conversation im into pops up, i dont care enough about politics religion etc to fight about them, i love sports and am athletic but dont watch enough to know any stats, i love music but dont play, i dont memorize quotes and jokes but love comedy and have a great sense of humor, im adventurous and ride motorcycles but do not do stunts or tattoo my whole body, just seems like everybody has a group and i dont want one, just want to find more like me... i need to move away from this small city.

yes well I'm a square peg they keep thring to fit in a round hole and wonder why it don't fit!!!LOL

our society has become so regimented that it is sickening. We are unique individuals and should be celebrated for that very fact. I don't fit in a box nor do I want to. I am happy to be wonderful me, warts and all.