My best friend cheated on her husband. She just told me today and I don't know what to do. He doesn't deserve it. She says she is a sex addict. I think she's just trying to justify herself. I think I might be an unhealthy level of horny but a sex addict, that's a whole different story.
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Alot of compulsively sexual women say there is a difference between sex and "sexercize". They save one for their man and the other is with whomever, just to burn off their nympho sex energy


hard to say addict or not but isn't the main concern her inability to be satisfied by her husband and what she should a friend, what can you do for her

Why don't we find out if you are a sex addict together

Well hopefully he finds out somehow. It's never ok to do that to someone. And I'd be on guard if your friend is a "sex addict" and you have a significant other. You never know...