Pagan, Because It Fits.

I was asked recently if I was Wiccan. I thought for a moment and had to search. Was I? I never really picked a "Tradition" because it seemed too mainstream to me. I always just said Witch, but they wanted to know what kind of witch. For the first time ever I did not have an answer. After that I thought to myself well damn. I started reading books on witchcraft when I was 17. A book by Sybil Leek. After being lost spiritually I started to feel a connection again. I then read some books by Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland and Edain McCoy. It was many different paths and I became a little confused. I felt a little of everything I learned felt good too me and I wasn't sure what was right or wrong. Then I met my first "Teacher".
First thing she taught me was nothing was right or wrong and that any path you choose is right, as long as it was a safe path. I came to the conclusion that Pagan Witch just fit with me. There are a lot of things from each path I have studied that I utilize and so I the next time I seen that friend I told them I was simply a Pagan. I love nature and everything within her and I seen god as one god with many names and faces and sometimes as a goddess but it was still one ultimate divine. They seemed to understand better who I was as a spiritual person. I went from that young child trying to find the answer of "If God created Adam and Eve in his image, how did he know what a woman looked like if he didn't have a wife?" and being shunned by everyone I asked this to, to finally feeling like I had an answer and finally having a spiritual home as a child of god and goddess alike. And it feels good to finally be home.
carodwen carodwen
31-35, F
Jan 24, 2013