The Call to the Road.

Though born and schooled catholic, my heart lies within the roots of nature. As a child, I found myself singing to the Wind, Fascinated by Fire, loving Water and admiring Earth. I know now what I didn't understand then. My beliefs are a bit everywhere; I don't consider myself a particular branch of Wicca, however do feel a calling to the more Celtic or Avalonian traditions. I do mostly group work, though not with a particular coven and some solitary. So much to learn; it never ends. I wouldn't mind meeting more people with similar and different beliefs or interests. It can definitely broaden a perspective, or totally open your eyes to something you'd have otherwise never known of. Looking forward to the many more challenges and oppertunities ahead. Blessed be to all*
Enmity Enmity
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2007