Lost In the Ether of Life..

em, hello. i guess i'm here cause i feel a bit alone in my beliefs and need some reassurance that i'm not, heh. Ever since i was very young, i loved listening to the wind and i loved "talking" to the trees, sounds crazy i guess..always feel like the earth was the one thing that understood my primal passion for life. i guess i feel like the rest of the world is so wrapped up in themselves that they forgot about the planet that gave us life and the sun that kept it warm and golden. i have a man that i love and 2 beautifual children and all i want to do is educate them about these things but i keep hitting a brick wall...dont know what else to put here yet...so i'll leave it at that.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2007

Hey it must be incredible to hear trees...I have always loved the wind too...and where I grew up I was always comforted by the sound of the waves gracing the shoreline..especially at night..Have you read the book The Celestine Prophecy???? Great read for when you a feeling alone in your beliefs...We just went through a Hurricane where I reside...and in the midst of it I heard a crow and a cardinal...couldnt believe it..It had to be 65 mile per hour winds..Thank you for sharing.....loved reading what you wrote...and I know how tough it is when there is not much validation in your family...I hope you keep on being just who you are!!!

you're not alone, I thought I was about 2 weeks ago, lol. I am finding paganism a very comfortable thing for me and you're post helps me feel supported as well. Thanks!

My sister is wiccan, I am facinated with it.She enlists me in some parts.I too am in love with the earth.Keep trying they will hear you.