Merry Meet!

Hello there!  I'm here to connect with other ppl who believe what I believe.  That life itself is precious, that we must cherish ourselfs, our loved ones, our Home, and all that live in it.  DOn't get me wrong, I'm not all Crazy Witch lady, I just believe what I do and would love to find others that do too.  I like many other things too; my daughter, reading, My pet (and animals in general really), cooking, and others that I can't think of right now!  Anywho, hope to chat soon!

  ~Kat )O(

SpiritedKat SpiritedKat
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4 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Merry meet Kat. I am the quiet little witch in the corner of the room.

Merry meet, Kat! I wonder how many there are of us standing in the shadows, pretending to blend into the Judeo/Christian society around us.<br />
Intellectually, I find it astounding that there is pressure in this day and age to be of the accepted religion. I thought the world learned lessons many years ago about religious freedom, but I guess that's just what's written in the history books.<br />
I am delighted to meet folks like you who share some of the same ideas that I have; that people are good and not evil, that life is important, that nature is to be honored.<br />
Blessed be!

I believe the same thing that we should charish our family, friends, and ourselves. I was born into a atheist family. My family has english roots. They never went to church and we never spoke of any religion. I am now 27 years old and I have found Wica. I have had these beliefs since I was young though I never knew I would find my religion. I was very scared to let my friends and family know about my new findings. I have talked to a few people but not all of them know. I only have a couple of people to talk to here. That would be one reason why I am here. To find people whom I can connect with the same beliefs as me. Maybe even a little more insight on how it works. I am still studying the ways and I am enjoying every bit. I would love to hear from you!

Bah...Crazy Witch ladies are cool! :P Merry Meet!