Pre-christen Wiccan


 I have embraced the old pre-Christian Wiccan believes since 1956. I have not relied on the word of others but have studied history on my own.

I have a degree and have taught History. I am now a retired Teacher.  Below is a brief summary results of my independent studies. 

          The study of word history (Etymology) informs us that Wiccan (verb for male or female Witch) in Old English [449-1066 AD] shows witches as being honored as   the keepers of the flame. ( source: Dictionary of Word Origins  by John Ayto. Wick[OE] wick ‘burning fibre in a candle…Wicked Wicked and witch are closely related . Wicked is an extension, using the suffix-ed….Old English wicca ‘wizard’ whose feminine form is the ancestor of modern witch. 

Records kept by The Venerable Bede, (672-735 CE.) a Christian scholar, and The Roman Officer Tacitus, who wrote The Agricola, clearly document that the pagans of old England worshiped the Goddess as well as other aspects of nature. They also held women in high regard, certainly higher then the status of women previously know to the Roman Tacitus. ( Read any book about Boudica, Who was called both The Warrior Queen and Queen of the Witches)  

  I believe the original meaning of the word is the best definition of the words Wicca(male), Wicce(female) and Wiccan(verb) because the original definition is not corrupted by the use of psycholinguistic propaganda.   I believe that Wiccan were the spiritual leaders of a sacred Religion that rivals anything that has ever come out of the Middle East. 

  Please contact me if my spirtual path is similar to yours. Blessed Be...DD         

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
Feb 9, 2009