I'm a solitary practitioner and enjoy following my Wiccan path. I am dismayed at the number of people that criticize the Wiccan beliefs when they don't know what we do at all. Not to mention new followers that think we really work magic like they see on TV. I just have to sigh and shake my head. If anyone wants to learn more I'm more than happy to share my knowledge. Please don't ask for love spells and definitely don't prosthelytize, I am not interested.
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Hello, I us to be Wiccan. I am now a solitary Pagan. I would love to hear your insights on the Wiccan belief. Is there a certain path you follow or deity you work with?

Well, I'm a solitary practitioner and still consider myself Wiccan even though I don't follow the Wiccan rede. Being a mother I know that I will do anything to protect my son (even thought he's 19 :-) ) so I only follow an it harm none if they don't try to harm me or my son first. So I consider myself a Grey witch. I also don't follow the three fold law. I don't repeat my spells three times and they all work for me. I do believe in Karma, I praise the Goddess mother earth and God Cerunnos and Odin. I do a lot of research and even though I've been practicing a while, I just started working with the Gods. How did you decide to go from Wiccan to Pagan? I've often wondered if I am really Wiccan or just a grey witch but have read several articles about Wiccans that don't follow the rede so for now I still consider myself Wiccan.

I started off by trying to follow the rede. I didn't believe in the harm none as I believe in revenge. I was told that is Pagan path. The main Gods I work with is the Goddess and the God. I recently picked up working with the Morrighan. When I first started magick. It was seven years ago. I started with the shadow magick as I was drawn to it. I ended up hurting some one so I shifted to protection magick. Now I am Nocturnal Pagan. I still play with the shadow magick. I also do research on blood, chaos, and spirit binding. The paths I follow Wiccans aren't very accepting of. A other reason as to why I switched is I have a hard time connecting to light energy. Such as earth for example. I am only able to connect to the darker side of the element.

I'm not familiar with the darker side of energy work. Whenever I use energy it's always a white or gold light. Although, someone on one of my facebook pages said if you do money spells or love spells then that's considered "black magic",or if you do a binding and I don't agree with that. I consider myself a "grey" witch because I'm a twice divorced woman and single mom. I'd do anything to protect myself and my son and use any means possible. What is a nocturnal pagan? I've never heard of it. I've often wondered whether I should say I'm Wiccan or Pagan but since there are so many Wiccan ways that still feels right.

Pagan or Wiccan it doesn't matter. It is only label. Nocturnal is the balance between light and dark. It isn't an easy path to follow. I have given up my relationship with my parents. They are hard core christian and refuse to have anything to do with me now. It is a path I will not reject. A lot of wiccans are against it. I dropped the wiccan title and picked up the pagan name. I think its great how you are willing to protect your family. That is very important.

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