Witch: Love Thyself

I try to trace the very moment when I knew that I was a Witch. It's hard to describe-It's like it had always been with me somehow. As a child I spent countless days playing in the woods. I would build fairies houses, and dance in the falling leaves. I would listen to the river and sit by the lake until the sun set and it was time to go home. I believe that I was a Witch even before I knew what a "Witch" was..

I was 10 years old when I remember hearing the word "Goddess" and I wanted to know all about her. I don't know how else to explain it, except to say she called to me. Throughout my youth/teens I read everything I could find on the subject of WitchCraft. I did receive some painful bullying from the kids in high school. Now, as an adult; when people find out about my religious beliefs they are (for the most part) curious & respectful. Wicca seems to be becoming much more popular or at least known to the masses. I like the fact that I do not fit into the old stereotype of what a Witch is or how we are suppose to look/act/etc.

I have been a solitary practitioner of the Craft for 17 years now. I follow my path with purpose and with a deep sense of pride. I have met many wonderful Witches. I've been a part of many powerful circles. I look forward to many more in the future. It is my pleasure to do the work of the Goddess. She has seen me through many fires and many changes. I am agape at how beautiful this thing called life really is..and that we are truly loved beyond our comprehension.

The greatest lesson I have been given is to know that the Divine not only exists in everything; but that we are also vessels of that presence. We are living examples of the Goddess and we have the power to grow,change, and experience all there is. To embrace the ebb and flow of life- dancing, and spinning the web that much farther still.. :) Blessings be!!
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dear april, I was somewhat reluctant to reply to your story, until I recalled three women I've been with who were witches--but I little suspected it...my style is very gothic, from my dress to my poetry...I also know Arthur Miller wasn't writing strictly about the Salem witch trials in his 'crucible'. Anyway, the women I allude to were respectively two white witches and a black. They explained the distinction, after finding me broad minded enough to listen without prejudice. Astarte was the heroine of two of these women and Hecate the model for the darker witch. My friend in Chicago is a wiccan as well. Do I attract some tenebrous or refulgent energy with these people? I wonder what majic I (we) attract...thanks for your post and keep to your spiritual embrace;--