My Personal Journey

I always knew something was different about me from the moment I was born. I was very serious but I was also very ill with epilepsy as child. I always felt the presence of spirits around me, craving my attention and I could sense auras. My grandfather died when I was maybe 4 years old, and I remember asking "I know he has died, but when is he coming home?" Everyone in the room had been stunned that I asked such a question*Laughs*. That was my first clue. Also, I would hear voices when there was no one else in the room, garbled and fading voices throughout my room. I was startled at first but then I grew to accept it. When I turned 10 I learned that I was related to a woman who was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials named Susannah North Martin. I did some more research into her and found through various sites that she did some witchcraft work only for the greater good although not many people may have had seen it that way. I started reading books on Wicca and spirituality and I found that if they had exercises to do to help you gain a better understanding, they were very easy to do. I would wake up knowing things out of nowhere with no scientific explanation as to why I knew these things. I was also very good at making up rhymes. I could be thinking about nothing at all and then a rhyme would come into my mind and I would say it and it would make sense. To this day I can still see spirits and auras and I am continuing to explore my spirituality.
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that cool im no wiccan こんにちは私の名前は、周平黒木

this is verry good it comes out buy it self all you need ur higher sister would guide you just listen within you good luck !