Proud to Be a Witch

I grew up in a wiccan/pagan family and im proud of it. I do rituals all the time. My boyfriends family is seventh day catholic and don't look on my religious path as good. They don't understand and think im into devils and dark stuff. I just think they shouldn't judge. My boyfriend thinks its really brave of me to be proud of my beliefs and says he wants to switch over to my side not that i have any problems with his families religion, as a real witch souldn't.
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You're incredibly lucky to have been RAISED Wiccan. To most people today, if you were raised with any other religion but later chose Wicca, it's supposedly out of rebellion. I hate the reputation it's gotten. It is such a beautiful lifestyle.

In our religion, anything that is magic related that entered by the human is something that is out of this world are caused by the whispers of the devil! I don't want to judge or anything but different religion has different set of rulings! I just made one out of it, though I am no so into it!

I am new to wicca does it mean i am a warlock?

warlock's were never real - males are witches. The name Warlock is actually a Saxon word with an unclear meaning except in movies and old story books

What exactly does is mean to be wiccan?

I have to say that one's religious beliefs are their own. It really is a personal thing. I have no issues with Christianity because I was born, raised, and confirmed Catholic. I never really bought into that faith, though. To many questions answered with "You have to have faith." Those questioned, form priests to nuns couldn't answer my questions. Seemed like a cop out to me. Even as a child, long before I discovered Wicca. Some 13+ years ago I converted to Wicca. I have a very Christian girlfriend. She is totally accepting of my religion as I am of hers. <br />
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I have no issues with accompanying her to church either. She does not however, join when I hold my sabats. I can understand that. Without perfect love and perfect trust, how can one enter a circle requiring that? What one must understand is that one's religion is a very personal thing. It's the core of one's life. It's what makes a person who and what they are. It's the core of everything about them from their outlook on life, to how they feel about everyones else, to what happens to the soul after passing, LOL My own mother is uncertain that I can be buried in consecrated ground.<br />
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THe point I am so lamely trying to make is that both parteners have to accept one another's beliefs and repect them whether or not they may agree with them. With such a diversity each partner will be exposed to certian attitudes from possibly nonunderstanding family. It will be hard at times. I know your love will overcome those issues.<br />

You are so lucky to have been raised wiccan!

wow... i want to learn it too..

Good for both of you.I'm tired of people who constantly put crap on me for beeing of who i am.I have a friend,a protestant,whos's nagging me about God non-stop,but as soon as i say something about Goddes,for him,it's all "devil's work".Yo're one lucky girl,just explain him completely into what he's going to.Witche's and wiccan's aren't one same thing...

Thats good your proud, its an honorable path and practice. Also helps to have an understanding boyfriend. lol

That is so cool of your bf to be so truly supportive. I have issues when people think their way is the only way.

your family is wicca omg do u have any advise for an inspiring wiccan :)

I think it is wonderful that you got to grow up wiccan. I don't think it matters so much our path but that we walk it with dignity and truth. The fact that your boyfriend wants to convert is a two edged sword. Make sure that he understands what he's getting into b/c if his family doesn't support you they may be very upset that you are "demonizing" their little boy! Make sure that if he does convert that he has a conversation with his parents and tries to get them to understand the truths of the craft not the gossip and stories!!